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IACP Corporate Partner Spotlight: BiosRx, Inc.
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Cappucine Digital Dispensing System

Transferring formulations has never been this fast, exact, and simple.

With the introduction of the Cappucine digital dispensing system, a new era in compounding begins—revolutionizing the way stock formulations are transferred from EMP-Unguator® jars into patients’ smaller dispensing devices. When volume-digitalization is coupled with automation, Cappucine is born: multiplying productivity, consistency, and accuracy. Its easy-to-use, minimalist design allows the complexity of modern technology to operate with ease. Ticker™ topical applicators, pumps, jars, and syringes can now be filled with just the push of a button. With Cappucine, compounding will never be the same!

4-6X faster than manual loading,* its automated filling process will streamline productivity in the modern-day compounding laboratory. Cappucine is equipped with infra-red photo sensors, designed to automatically detect various sizes of EMP-Unguator® jars (250, 500, 1000 mL). Partnered with an internal plunger, Cappucine is able to recognize the location of a piston inside an EMP-Unguator® jar, further allowing for automatic volume detection. With presetting capabilities, the densities of most commonly-used bases can easily be programmed. When you’re ready to dispense into your container of choice, simply turn the dial to indicate your desired dispensation! The full-color touchscreen display makes dispensations simple and easy-to-read. Simply hit “Dispense,” and Cappucine will handle the rest—quickly and quietly dispensing the exact dosage dialed. Once dispensed, an integrated digital scale is then able to reaffirm dosages. To compensate for air pockets in formulations, Cappucine has the capability detect and complete remaining dosages.

With unmatched accuracy and precision, Cappucine was designed to both maximize filling efficiency and minimize errors in the laboratory.

Compound at a Modern Pace – Excel & Thrive!

Visit our website for step-by-step demonstrational videos.
Productivity studies also available upon request.

*Adjustable flow-rate.

Sun Shield TickerTM Collection

Your favorite topical dispenser just got a whole lot cooler...
Just in time for summer!

With 99.9% UV-A and UV-B blockage*, you can assure each of your patients’ light-sensitive medications will be protected from harsh summer rays.

*The results of a recent independent spectral-transmission study were astounding. Ticker™ showed minimal to no light transmission after simulating for life-like occurrences. No UV-B, UV-A, or visible light was measured through the Wall of a TICKER dispenser that had a standard prescription label wrapped around it! Overall transmission of UV-A, UV-B, and visible light after a full blast of light-irradiation exposure was <4% through the wall of Ticker-37. The Amber-Mocha Ticker™, part of the Ticker™ Sun Shield Collection, was used in this study.

Common light-sensitive medications include:

 Retinoic Acid, Hydroquinone, Estradiol, Ketoprofen,
     Cyclobenzaprine, Fluticasone, Nifedipine


In Accordance with the FDA:

“Every proposed packaging system should be shown to be suitable for its intended use: it should adequately protect the dosage form; it should be compatible with the dosage form; and it should be composed of materials that are considered safe for use with the dosage form and route of administration.

If you and your team would like to start working with samples, please
submit a request by clicking here.

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