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2015 IACP Board of Directors | Candidate Profiles
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Vice President

Baylor Rice, RPh, FIACP
Pharmacy name: South River Compounding Pharmacy
Years Served on IACP Board: 4

Provide a brief bio of your career.
Baylor Rice is a second generation pharmacist and has an impressive track record as a compounding pharmacist and health professional. He has been a licensed pharmacist since 1994. After earning his degree at the Medical College of Virginia, Baylor worked in community pharmacies. In 1998, Baylor and his wife opened South River Compounding Pharmacy, Inc. His vision of treating each patient based on their individual needs and using a team approach by working together with the patients' practitioner has proved to be quite successful with positive outcomes for the patients.

October 2002 Baylor received the HHC Pharmacy Recognition Award.

"In recognition of your professional contributions in the Community practice of pharmacy, which improved the quality of care provided to patients with Alzheimer's disease and demonstrated a commitment and dedication that reflects Eisai's human health care philosophy."

South River Compounding Pharmacy has been recognized by The Rising 25 as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the Richmond Area, and for its contribution to economic growth in the Richmond Community.

Baylor was a finalist for the 2006 & 2007 MUSE Awards. Presented by The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for Creativity in Business.

Baylor was pharmacist of the Month, November 2007, presented by Professional Compounding Centers of America.

In 2008, he was awarded Innovative Pharmacist of the Year, by the Virginia Pharmacist's Association.

Finished in the top 10 for "Retailer of the Year" for 2012 by the Retail Merchants Association of Richmond, Virginia.

Baylor received "The Best Bedside Manner" Award—Pharmacists Category 2013 Recognized by Our Health's Magazine, Richmond Edition.

Please provide a statement of why you want to serve.
I have thoroughly enjoyed serving on the Board of Directors of IACP for the past 4 years. I feel I have begun hitting my stride within the Board and would like the opportunity to continue working on and finish some of the ideas and projects we have begun undertaking. I appreciate the opportunity to continue to give back to the organization and members that have helped protect my rights and those of my colleagues to provide an invaluable service to our patients.

District IV

Lucy Hazebrook, RPh, MS, FACA
Pharmacy name: Medistat
Years Served on IACP Board: none

Provide a brief bio of your career.
Lucy Hazebrook is Director of Pharmacy and adjunct professor at 3 pharmacy schools. Her degrees are from the University of Mississippi and Wayne State University. Pharmacy experiences include residency program, hospitals, clinics, independent, chain, 503b and mail order pharmacies. She has published articles and a pharmacy textbook chapter. She presents locally and nationally to patients and prescribers. She is a member of ACA, APA, APhA, ASHP, NSPA, NCPA and Innovatix Board Member.

Please provide a statement of why you want to serve.
Compounding pharmacists are an elite group, with high standards and a keen awareness of the environments in which we try to fulfill our professional responsibilities. The synergistic effects of the relationships built through IACP have been effective in promoting and advancing pharmacy. I would be honored to say I was a part of this advancement as we continue to grow our community, broaden our knowledge, increase awareness and continue a strong political presence.

Shawn E. Hodges, PharmD
Pharmacy name: Innovation Compounding, Inc
Years Served on IACP Board: none

Provide a brief bio of your career.
After graduating from Texas Tech School of Pharmacy in 2001, I was accepted into a one-year visiting scientist program with Eli Lilly. Located next to the FDA, I served as a liaison between Eli Lilly and FDA, sharing FDA’s thoughts to the regulatory team at Lilly headquarters. Upon completion, I worked for Hospice Pharmacia, consulting with prescribers about the appropriate use of hospice-related medications. The position was very educational, and I saw firsthand the clinical benefits from compounded preparations. In 2007, I purchased Innovation Compounding, and currently provide both sterile and non-sterile compounded preparations.

Please provide a statement of why you want to serve.
My goal is to contribute and continue IACP’s mission of promoting and protecting the art and science of pharmacy compounding by communicating with federal and state regulatory bodies not only the importance of pharmacy compounding, but also share the resulting impact of inconsistent and incomplete guidance with respect to both 503A and 503B facilities. In order for compounding pharmacists to succeed in their role as problem-solvers, outside entities, (i.e. regulators and 3rd party providers) need to know that many of the regulations, current or proposed, are enhancing patient harm through restricted access of compounds.

David S. Joseph, RPh, FIACP
Pharmacy name: Physician Specialty Compounding
Years Served on IACP Board: none

Provide a brief bio of your career.
I have been practicing pharmacy for 41 years, first in Ohio and now in Florida for the past 28 years. My first 11 years were involved in retail pharmacy where I honed my management and people skills. I then went to work for MEDCO, becoming a floor supervisor. That company was very quality oriented and sent me to a “Quality College” where I learned to adapt quality concepts to pharmacy production. I went on to manage PMSI, which is a national pharmacy organization serving the workers compensation market.

In 2005, I was employed by AnazaoHealth, a pharmacy operation very much involved inn sterile and non-sterile compounding. This was at the very start (2004) of the rollout of USP <797>. It became apparent that the only way that a pharmacy operation of any significant size could keep a close check on these requirements was to put a dedicated entity in place to monitor compliance. AnazaoHealth was the first independent operation to install a dedicated department for quality compliance consisting of; Director, Corporate QA Manager and Department QA manager. This served us very well, especially in the light of the recent FDA visits.

I have recently moved (March) to my present job where I am also applying those QA concepts.

Additionally, I am very involved with both State and Federal Pharmacy Board and legislative events. I attend nearly every Florida Pharmacy Board meeting and am currently a candidate for appointment and I actively participated and interacted with the principals involved in the drafting of the DQSA language. I have also given lectures and written articles pertaining to quality in compounding.

Please provide a statement of why you want to serve.
I feel that is very important that pharmacists have the opportunity to control their own professional destiny. Too often, members of our profession are “blind-sided” by rules and regulations that may be counter-productive to our ability to practice efficiently and safely. As a member of IACP, I am proud to be a participant in the process towards better practice for compounding pharmacy. Participating as a board member would be the next logical step for me.

Thank you for the consideration

District V

Lisa D. Ashworth, BS Pharm, RPh, FACA
Pharmacy name: Children's Health System of Texas
Years Served on IACP Board: 3

Provide a brief bio of your career.
I have worked in pharmacies for over 35 year starting as a clerk, then a technician and pharmacy student, attaining a BS in Pharmacy from the University of Oklahoma in 1987. It has been an exciting 35 years working in several areas of this profession including drug information, retail, homecare and hospital pharmacies treating adult and pediatric patients. I am a preceptor for pharmacy students and a strong advocate for compounding pharmacy.

Please provide a statement of why you want to serve.
Compounded medications are necessary forms of medical treatment and are not going to go away. I would like to continue to serve on the IACP board to help ensure that patients (human and animal) have access to compounded medications that are necessary as part of their healthcare. My experiences in several areas of the profession help me to look at the big picture when working with prescribers and regulators so that compounded medications are not the cause of patient harm.

Andy Ruiz, PharmD, MSc, FACA
Pharmacy name: Stonegate Pharmacy
Years Served on IACP Board: 0.8 years

Provide a brief bio of your career.
Andy Ruiz is the Chief Operations Officer and Partner at Stonegate Pharmacies, Stonegate Pharmacy, Stonegate Pharmacy at the Village and Stonegate Pharmacy at Westlake. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor for the University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy and Midwestern University College of Pharmacy, and faculty preceptor for Incarnate Word University Feik School of Pharmacy. Andy is also a Fellow of the American College of Apothecaries. He currently serves on the Board of The IACP and IACP Foundation and serves as the Foundation’s Research Committee Chair. Andy earned his Doctor of Pharmacy in 2008 from UT-Austin College of Pharmacy. After completion of his Doctor of Pharmacy, Andy helped design and implement the first combined Master of Science in Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy Residency. Andy is also active in research and his current research is focused on the safety and efficacy of various routes of administration for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in menopausal women.

Please provide a statement of why you want to serve.
I would like to serve to give back to my profession and do all I can to protect compounding. Compounding continues to be under attack by various entities and believe in IACP’s mission of protecting and promoting prescription compounding. I feel my previous experience on the board will be an asset in addressing these going issues. I would be honored to continue to serve as a Board Member and Fight for our profession.

Teri Rolan, PharmD
Pharmacy name: Wiley Chemists Compounding Pharmacy
Years Served on IACP Board: none

Provide a brief bio of your career.
My involvement of pharmacy began in 2000. I have worked in every position from clerk, tech, intern, staff pharmacist, clinical pharmacist and PIC from long term care to chain and independent pharmacy. Under my leadership, I helped Highland pharmacy become PCAB accredited for both sterile and nonsterile compounding and began integrating a clinical business in the the practice model. I am now continuing my career at another compounding pharmacy where I can experience growing the business from the ground up, focus on clinical and genetic counseling and be more involved in a politically.

Please provide a statement of why you want to serve.
I have been an active member of IACP for the past three years. I have met so many tremendous pharmacists leading the way in our industry through IACP. I have learned how important it is to have a voice and that it is critical to our industry be involved at a legislative level. I am willing to work hard and will strive to get others involved in protecting our businesses and patients. It is an honor to be nominated for this position and I graciously ask you for your vote.

District VI

David J. Miller, RPh, PhD, FIACP
Pharmacy name: Keystone Pharmacy
Years Served on IACP Board: 2

Provide a brief bio of your career.
I have served the compounding profession as a compounder and owner of Keystone Pharmacy since 2003. Before joining Keystone, I was in the Pharma industry developing transdermal drug delivery and non-invasive ocular delivery systems. This experience has provided me with a unique experience on method development and process control that allows me to promote quality control and patient safety above all else. I bring these attributes to Keystone and the compounding world in general.

Please provide a statement of why you want to serve.
I have served on the IACP board since 2012. During my tenure, our profession has weathered the storms of increased national and state regulation, scrutiny by state and federal agencies and a storm of adverse public opinion of compounding pharmacy. Continuing to fight these battles is the only way that our profession will survive. We have made recent gains, but the fight continues. I am committed to fighting with reason, patience and a level head!

Brenda Jensen, CPhT, CNMT, MBA
Pharmacy name: Compounding Consultants, LLC
Years Served on IACP Board: none

Provide a brief bio of your career.
I currently work with about 120 compounding pharmacies in 40 states to achieve or maintain compliance to state laws, USP and/or PCAB accreditation standards. My pharmacy experience began in 1984 as a pharmacy specialist in the United States Air Force and I have been involved with compounding to some degree since then with the exception of a two year period when I owned and managed a community pharmacy. Memberships: IACP, ASHP, FIP, NPTA and AAPT.

Please provide a statement of why you want to serve.
Compliance in today’s world is difficult. Pharmacies have to decide which regulatory body they want to please. The future of compounding and patients’ access to compounded medications is in danger if there isn’t some sort of compromise. I see the day-to-day problems that pharmacies face. My goal, professionally and as a potential board member, is to help pharmacies understand the rules and when given the opportunity, have an impact on the rule-making process.

District VII

Kevin Borg, PharmD, FIACP, FACA
Pharmacy name: Potter's House Apothecary
Years Served on IACP Board: 2 years

Provide a brief bio of your career.
In April of 2009, Kevin fulfilled his lifetime goal and opened Potter’s House Apothecary in Peoria, AZ. This PCAB accredited compounding–only pharmacy business has allowed Kevin to pursue his passion of assisting patients who present unique treatment needs. Areas of specialty at PHA include: BHRT, Topical Pain, Autism/Mitochondrial Disorders and sterile compounding. The level of personal and community satisfaction can only be described as phenomenal! The new 6000 square foot PHA opened in October 2012 and supports over 50 employees, seats 50 for educational seminars and remains very active in community outreach. Dr. Borg sits on the PCCA Advisory Council, IACP Board of Directors and the Midwestern University Dean’s Advisory Board.

Please provide a statement of why you want to serve.
Serving on the IACP Board the last 2 years has been an incredible experience. With everything that has gone on and continues in the compounding industry from regulation, legislation, and reimbursement cuts, I feel it’s extremely important to be involved. I have patients, employees, and a business to protect. This is why I have been involved the last 2 years, and want to continue to be involved. I’m not willing to just sit back and watch.

Elaine M. Ladd, PharmD, BCPS
Pharmacy name: Ladd Family Pharmacy
Years Served on IACP Board: none

Provide a brief bio of your career.
Elaine graduated from Midwestern University in 2005. After, she completed 2 years of clinical training through a Pharmacy Practice Residency and then a Primary Care Specialty Residency she opened her own hybrid store in 2008, Ladd Family Pharmacy. She has earned Board Certification as a Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS) and is currently working on her Advanced Fellowship (FAARFM) with A4M. She has been recognized as PCCA Pharmacist of the Month, Volunteer Healthcare Hero, Idaho Women of the Year honoree, ISHP 2010 Pharmacist of the Year and 2008 Midwestern Alumnus of the Year.

Please provide a statement of why you want to serve.
I have served on national and state committees in the interest of pharmacy on important topics such as patient safety, infection control, leadership development, preventative health and compounding. My current and past professional association experiences include member of ASHP New Practitioner Executive Committee, ASHP Leadership and Career Development Advisory Group Liason, ISHP Professional Affairs Chair, Central District Health Immunization Advisory Board, NCPA Committee on Professional and Practice Affairs, Idaho Board of Pharmacy Compounding Committee, Idaho Medicaid P&T Committee and DUR Board. However, I feel I can have a larger impact on compounding by serving the members of IACP to promote, protect and advance the profession of compounding.

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