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Capitol Connections Article [President Wade Siefert Address] [3/15/2013]
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A Letter from IACP President Wade Siefert, RPh

Fellow IACP Members:

Thank you for the confidence you have entrusted in me! I am both honored and humbled to be your 22nd President. This year we will be facing some of the most daunting challenges our industry has ever faced. Many of you already have stepped up to the plate. Thank you one and all.

We know that with great challenges, comes great opportunity. So I am reaching out to each and every one of you to be proactive, and seize this opportunity with me, because our Profession needs us. Our Profession is at a tipping point, so when the going gets tough, I draw down from examples set by esteemed colleagues like Past Presidents: Scott Karolchyk, John Herr, Rich Moon, David Nicoletti, Mike Leake and John Preckshot. I admire their decision to lead, and their relentless determination to elevate our Profession, making an indelible impression and opening vast doors of opportunity for the whole of our membership.

I envision a year of clarification, continuing education and implementation of the terms that define our profession such as anticipatory compounding, traditional compounding, non-traditional compounding and office use.  No more gray areas or loose interpretations.

I envision a new emphasis on the precise documentation of the quality work we do to improve our Patient’s lives.

I envision a spirited collaboration with other pharmacy organizations such as the American College of Apothecaries (ACA) and the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists (ACVP). The recent ACA IACP ACVP Educational Conference held in Dana Point, Calif., was a bright beginning, and only the tip of the iceberg as to what we can accomplish in concert with one another.

I envision the exponential growth of our membership by 50 percent. Yes, that’s right. I am calling upon every IACP Member today, to enlist the membership of each individual working for his or her Pharmacy. It’s possible if we take initiative now. We just increased our membership by 10 as I enlisted our entire staff as IACP Members. Our people now feel a greater sense of ownership and pride in their work…and Patients recognize it.

I envision new and widespread IACP Recognition of our Members and their importance not only to IACP, but to their respective communities. I am going to work with IACP Staff on Media Campaigns and News Releases, revealing the various contributions you make toward the health and wellness of your Patients with compounded therapies, and how that adds to the overall quality of life as well as the marketability of the communities you serve.  
I envision more two-way communication than ever before. You will be given timely information. You will be heard and we will be all the better for it. Individually and collectively we must all play a role in the clarification, elevation and proliferation of our Profession, so that we can ensure that Patients everywhere can receive prescribed compounded therapies for generations to come.

In closing, I enthusiastically ask you to remember the Ben Franklin quote, “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”


Wade Siefert, RPh
President, IACP

P.S. A special thank you to all those who completed IACP's February Membership Survey.


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