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Breaking News HR 3204 Update 11.14.13
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HR 3204 Status Update

Yesterday afternoon, 11.13.13, there was a Senate floor debate on HR 3204. There was considerable discussion regarding Senator David Vitter's (R-LA) amendment, which was criticized as blocking this "much-needed bi-partisan legislation." Senator Vitter is seeking a vote on an amendment related to health-care law.
To date, Senator Vitter is not yielding and refuses to withdraw or table his amendment.
The Senate adjourned last night with no vote taken on HR 3204. Please note… we are still in the 30-hour debate countdown which went into effect when the cloture vote was taken on Tuesday evening. 
Today's Senate schedule has a vote on a motion to proceed on HR 3204 noted for between 11:45 and 12:00 pm, 11.14.13. That's likely going to be a voice vote rather than a recorded vote. A motion to proceed means "okay, we've got a holdup here… we're formally taking up this piece of legislation."  Motions to proceed are rather unusual in that normally a Senate bill proceeds to a vote based on unanimous consent.
Senator Vitter is expected to insist upon a vote on his amendment.
There are three things that may happen. Senator Vitter can allow a voice vote on the motion to proceed and not demand a recorded vote. Assuming that proceeds and the motion to proceed passes, Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) could then bring the bill to a full floor vote. Senator Vitter could demand a recorded vote which means another vote on cloture will be required and another 30 hours goes on the clock.
Quoted yesterday, "We’re going to finish that bill,” Senator Reid, says in opening floor comments.
IACP is continuing to monitor HR 3204, and will provide you with additional updates.
Posted: 11.14.13
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