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Partners in Compounding December 16, 2014
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December 16, 2014


IACP's award-winning Corporate Partner program engages corporate leaders in the pharmacy compounding community by connecting them with IACP's more than 4,000 Members. We encourage all IACP Members to support these corporate partners that are instrumental in our joint effort to protect and grow this vital part of quality health care. For a complete listing of IACP Corporate Partners,
click here.

IACP is your one-stop resource for all things compounding! Compounder Calendar provides a comprehensive listing of compounding eventsand continuing education program.

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IACP is proud to acknowledge the now 62 diverse leading companies representing the IACP Corporate Partner Program. This new monthly newsletter, Partners in Compounding features up to three Corporate Partners and their products and services in pharmacy compounding to help improve your practice. IACP Corporate Partners are crucial allies in our mission to protect, promote and advance the art and science of pharmacy compounding by providing funding and in-kind support throughout the year.

We urge you to show your appreciation of IACP's Corporate Partners. When you make purchasing decisions, consider the companies that have invested in our profession by being Corporate Partners of IACP.

For more information about IACP's Corporate Partner Program,click hereor email Ashlyn Grant

Please visit our Corporate Partners' web sites by clicking the links below.


Corporate Partner Since 2013


RX TaxPros is a full-service accounting firm specializing in compounding pharmacies. Our experience and understanding of compounding pharmacies enables our tax professionals to recognize activities performed within a pharmacy that may qualify for various tax deductions and credits.

In addition to our unique skill set mentioned above, our professionals collaborate with our clients throughout the year to develop cost and tax saving strategies tailored to their individual situation. This proactive strategy allows our clients to make informed decisions that directly impact their tax liability as well as the overall financial well being of their businesses.

Our reputation of being one of the most innovative firms in the country allows us to work with clients regardless of location. This is possible because we have embraced the latest technology has to offer and have streamlined our processes. This allows our clients to have current financial information available to them which is critical in identifying key performance indicators used to measure the operational goals of a business.

Contact us today for a special offer for IACP members. Provide us with your past three years of income tax returns and our tax professionals will review them for FREE. If any tax deductions and/or credits were omitted, we will discuss the options for amending the tax returns.

Visitwww.rxtaxpros.comor call us at 855.877.9807 for more information.


Corporate Partner Since 2014

PennTech Machinery Corporationwas founded in 1992 as a manufacturer of vial washing and trayloading machines. Since that time, success in performance and reliability has led to an ever increasing and diverse product line, to include: vial washers, trayloaders, sterilization tunnels, filling/stopper inserting machines, automatic lyo loading machines, cappers and external washers. Today PennTech is the only company in the United States to manufacture complete aseptic vial processing lines.

Since the horrific meningitis episode associated with the administration of contaminated compounds and the signing of the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA), the cleanliness of vials used to contain customized medications has been of utmost concern to compounders. Many of today’s compounding pharmacists use manual washing or a mechanical dishwasher to clean vials (even those that will be used to contain sterile injectables), but those methods are ineffective and often inconsistent and therefore cannot be validated.

Washing vials by hand is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With cGMP issues increasing in Pharma, PennTech has designed and manufactured the perfect aseptic solution to help keep Compounding Pharmacies USP and cGMP Compliant.

Introducing: The Compounding Pharmacist's Vial Washer
(Model: RW-250)


In response to this high demand, we have designed and manufactured the perfect solution for low speed pharmaceutical and biotech applications: the RW-250. It is the finest, most compact, semi-automatic, vial washer manufactured in the United States.

Throughput is typically 20-70 vials per minute. The typical batch size: 1,000-8,000 vials. Vial range 2-100 ml glass or plastic (change parts required). The RW-250 includes 6 stations for water (RO/DI, WFI) and sterile air blowing. Optionally, for those using bagged WFI, a WFI skid with an 80 liter tank (approximately 21 gallons) is available with a heating element, bringing the WFI up to 80° C. The skid includes a sanitary centrifugal pump, providing the vial washer with 5 bar (approximately 73 psi) water pressure. After cleaning, the vials are discharged onto a tray for further processing.

To learn more about our Compounding Pharmacist's Vial Washer,please click here!

To view a Compounding Pharmacist's Vial Washer Video,please click here!


Did You Know IACP has 62 Corporate Partners?

Can we brag a little? Did you know that IACP now has62 Corporate Partners? That's right.SIXTY-TWO. In fact, since the IACP Corporate Partner program was founded, it has grown by106 percent.

The health of an association is often related to the company it keeps. IACP is very fortunate to have considerable corporate support - high-caliber organizations passionately committed to Protecting, Promoting & Advancing Pharmacy Compounding.

IACP's award-winning Corporate Partner program engages corporate leaders in the pharmacy compounding community by connecting them with IACP’s more than 4,000 Members.

How can you help?Help grow your profession by leading IACP to companies that are providing pharmacy compounding products, cleanroom or lab equipment, compliance training, legal counsel, etc. You may play a role in advancing your profession by asking your vendors to join theIACP Corporate Partner Program. Please email any vendor recommendations toMeridyth Moore.

The next time you speak to an IACP Corporate Partner, please thank them for supporting IACP and the pharmacy compounding profession!

Click here to viewour Corporate Partner Website page.

Click here to readmore about the Corporate Partner program/application.

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